OCMBA Oct 2015_1What is required to join OCMBA?
The only requirement is that you must be a graduate of one of the 15 OCMBA Business Schools – either the full-time or Executive MBA, PhD or Undergraduate business programs (specialized programs of short duration – ie. 1 week, 1 month or similar extension programs offered by these 15  Busienss Schools do not qualify for membership in OCMBA).  As long as you meet this qualification, you can attend any OCMBA event.

What if I am a current student at one of the B-Schools – can I attend an OCMBA event?
Most of our events are only open to alumni who graduated from an OCMBA business school as mentioned above.  However, current students who are working in Orange County during the summer months are welcome to attend our events in June and August

What if I am a PhD, Executive MBA or Undergraduate alum of one of the 15 B Schools – can I attend?
Yes.  Most of our attendees are MBA graduates, but some of the OCMBA business schools have undergraduate, PhD and Executive MBA programs – we welcome alumni of these programs too.  Also graduates of joint degree programs from these 15 schools as long as one of those degrees is from the Business School.

Can I attend an OCMBA event even if I didn’t graduate from one of the 15 B-Schools?  What if I attended one of the 15 universities, but not the Business School?
OCMBA was created specifically for the alumni of the 15 business schools that comprise the group.  If you did not graduate from one of those Business schools, you may only attend an OCMBA event if you are the invited guest of someone who is an alumni of one of the 15 OCMBA schools and that person is also attending that event.  They must identify you as their guest when registering for the event.

Is there a fee to join?
No – there is no fee to join OCMBA.  There is typically a fee to attend most OCMBA events, but we keep it to a minimum, just to cover our costs for the venue and food.  (Event fees are typically $20 for pre-registration)

May I bring guests who are not alumni of one of the 15 OCMBA schools?
Yes.  Each OCMBA alum may bring up to 2 guests to an OCMBA event.  Fellow business colleagues, spouses and friends are welcome.   Please identify them as your guests when registering for events.

How do I get notified about upcoming OCMBA events and where can I register to attend?
Make sure you are on the email distribution list for your local B-School alumni club.  If you are an OCMBA alum and attend one of our events, you will also receive emails directly from OCMBA, but only for our 6 events each year (we never rent, sell or share our attendee contact information with anyone and you can unsubscribe from the OCMBA list at any time).  You can also join the OCMBA LinkedIn group.  The LinkedIn Group ensures you’ll be notified about all OCMBA events as well as events offered by other B-schools that are open to all OCMBA alums. The links to register for each OCMBA event are provided in the event notices / invitations provided by your alumni club, the OCMBA emails and the OCMBA LinkedIn Group.

Can I see the list of attendees / pre-registrants for OCMBA events?
No.  OCMBA does not publish or email the list of OCMBA attendees – we respect the privacy of our members and attendees.  If you join the OCMBA LinkedIn Group, you can see other OCMBA alumni who have opted in to this group (nearly 1,000 people).

Shea Center Invite_1What is OCMBA’s privacy policy?  If I register to attend an event, will my contact info be shared?
OCMBA respects the privacy of our members and event attendees.  So we never publish the list of attendees, nor do we share, sell, rent or trade contact info for any attendees.  The only person who will see your name and contact info is the representative to OCMBA from your Business School alumni club.  For events where we have a sponsoring company, they will only see your name and email address if you opt-in to be on their contact list at the event.

How can I get involved / suggest a location for a future event?
Contact the OCMBA representative from your Business School alumni group.  See the Contact Us page for the contact information.

How do I find out about speaking or sponsorship opportunities at OCMBA events?
Contact Jerry Kornblau at Jerry.Kornblau@gmail.com with your inquiry.  Please note that the decision of whether to include a speaker and/or sponsor is ultimately made by the organizers of each individual event, or sometimes by the full group of representatives to OCMBA.